Edy P Pierre

“Live The Light In You”

Our greatest challenges in this life is to free ourselves from the conditional patterns of egolessness that keep chained to painful disempowerment and disappointments in our lives, so that we can fully realize the authentic self and the light of the infinity of spiritual being we really are. daily our earthbound journey constantly being overwhelm, making it impossible to connect with our yearning soul.

The history of IN SEARCH INNOVATION started long before this website would ever come to existence, or even the technology that make it possible. From a dream to attend Seminary to become a priest, to travel the ocean floor to another land, the dream of searching the wisdom of the mystery of the human suffering has been the life force that propelled me to seek solace in silence.

I continue to meditate and open my heart to the sacred blessing of grace, inner guidance begins to leads the way for me to come to understand the cause of our suffering. Our existence is characterized by our tragedies that embedded in four principles truths:

  1. The Impermanence of All Things
  2. Our Ego
  3. human desires
  4. Human Suffering.

The Understanding of These Truths, Transformed Not Just by My Perception, but the way I see the world, human condition and my entire life.

Therefore understanding of these four (4) truths will have a profound impact and equanimity in our lives.

About Edy P Pierre

As a Counselor and therapist working with individuals facing the many life challenges whether mental, emotional, psychological, physical or spiritual, I commit myself to transpose the knowledge of these mysteries of life to all of my patients and clients.

Now, after more than twenty years in the field of counseling, I made a personal commitment to teach these thrust through the practice of mindfulness, meditation, healthy living with the power of intention for living with wellness.

It is with that commitment, I have been writing my experience and personal journey, published my first book, entitle [ In Search of Meaning & Purpose, Through Living Structures and Function] and now founded IN SEARCH INNOVATION as an educational means of continue to impart knowledge and wisdom to anyone who have a passion for life and seeking to deepen their purpose for living. The philosophy of IN SEARCH INNOVATION, is rooted on the principles adhere to the infinite wisdom that teaches that, suffering is not the results of the things and the events that beset us in life, but rather, it’s how we relate to and allow the things that happened to us that bring suffering. Consumed by our desires and fighting a war against life, is the path to suffering, whereby emotional aggression give birth to oppression, repression and violence, which give birth to more violence: while nothing in this life we desired and seek after, is permanent.  

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Is to enabling us to uncover the spacious within and, to clear all of the emotional pathways in order to achieve wholeness. It is to liberate the conscious from the chaos of daily living and guiding it to focus on balancing both mind and body.

The essence of mindfulness also bring forward the very best of what define the ‘self’ not just psychologically or even in word of intentions, but from the core of our emotions as we connect with who we really are in time. In addition, mindfulness guides the mind to connecting our emotions with the mysteries of life. It not only opens our intellect to the field of science and living, but lead the mind to see the world through the mystery of existance with purest intentions.

Because, life can only be lived in and through the body, wherefore, the body is the vessel of feeling, the tool of perception and the temple of memory. Therefore, the essence of mindfulness open the doors of the heart and offers a methodology for anyone to reaching deeper into the subtle nature of spiritual experience and experience the wisdom of pure emotions. Wherefore, mindfulness bring our verbal and nonverbal experience together in the process of deep meditation. From that we understand that the body is only as balance as its mind is.




Inner Peace is a place to arrived at, not a feeling of temporary emotional high or superficiality. It requires all of what we are, with all of our creative knowledge to surrender all of our deep illusions about life and desires for control. That is the path of life that gives transcendental manifestation of pure knowledge to transform our current global conditions.

Inner Peace is the only force that has the transformative powere that can profoundly reverse thies dystopian environment into a profound state of equal justice, forgiveness, kindness, compassion. It will cultivates a stae of selflessness, purity and Awakening the conscious to the deepest infinite inspiration.